Glocos’ College Admission Services is provided to any student who wishes to acquire our assistance with the college application process. We work with families to ensure that this challenging undertaking for each of our clients is as stress free as possible. We begin with a free consultation with families where we gather information such as transcripts, teachers comments, possible majors, and the geographical location where the student prefers to attend university. Additionally, as a part of this service Gloco Counselors provides transcript assessments, coaching with writing their personal statement, preparation for admission interviews and guidance with financial aid for those who qualify, as well as feedback on SAT, ACT and TOEFL testing. While many students request that their applications be done by college rank, Gloco strongly recommends that students take into account applying to universities by college fit. We provide each student with a match to ranking colleges as well as a match for schools by fit.

Combined our Counselors have a 96% success rate on finding the right “college fit” for our students.

Both Student and parents concerns are discussed before deciding on which institutions to apply to. Gloco prepares a package for the students where they can apply to as few as five universities or as many as fifteen universities. The option is given to secure one of our membership packages which includes several services wrapped into one or they may purchase a la carte depending on their preferences. We provide a unique support system throughout the college application process so students can contact us through instant chat, Whatsapp chat or via email. This promotes a high level of success and confidence in the student transitioning from high school to university.